Women of the ELCA

Packing Cheer Boxes on December 10

On Sunday, Dec. 10 during coffee hour, the Adams Women of the ELCA will be packing Christmas Cheer Boxes. The committee is Anne Emberson & Barb Voegeli. Please bring cookies, donuts, bars, jelly, candy, etc.

Officers and Board Members

President: Brenda Emberson (2018)
Vice President: Kristi Leonard (2017)
Secretary: Bonnie Gerner (2018)
Treasurer: Virginia Bredeson (2017)
Discipleship: Carol Zuidema (2018)
Stewardship: Barbara Erickson (2017), Jean Nybroten (2017), Barbara Voegeli (2017)
Justice: Dolores Winden (2017)
Sunshine Committee: Dorothy Dammen (2017)
Altar Committee Chair: Bonnie Gerner (2017)
(any questions, please contact Bonnie at 527– 5096)

January –Bonnie Gerner
February—Amy Dammen
March—Tina Ritschard
April—Laura Anderson
May—Barb Voegeli
June—Patty McGowan
July—Janice Wipperfurth
August –Donna Klosterman
September—Marie Hendrickson
October– Ann Meade
November—Anne Emberson
December—Joan Moen
January 2018 - Janice Lien

Nominating Committee: Chair: VP Kristi Leonard, Dorothy Dammen, Janice Lien, Bonnie Gerner

Library Board: Dorothy Dammen (2018)

2017 Adams Program Book