Our Pastor

Pastor Jennifer Kuhnert and family

I became pastor of Adams Lutheran Church in April 2017.  I am excited to find God at work in the beautiful land and people in southern Wisconsin.  My husband, Matt, and I have three children: Ethan, Alexander, and Nora, and we live in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin.  Matt serves full time in the Wisconsin National Guard, and I work for the National Guard as well. 

When free time unveils itself-I enjoy playing piano, spending time with family, and finding ways to better organize my life!

As a pastor, I am passionate about empowering people of the church to use their God-given gifts to serve God in the ways they feel called.  Church is no longer a place to just sit quietly. Church is a place where we gather to share how God is working in our lives. A place where we find neighbors who challenge us, who encourage us and who love us regardless of our thoughts, actions or beliefs.  As we walk together in this life of faith, we all learn from each other.  Traditionally, church is filled with tradition - which can be extremely important in life, but church is also filled with new ways in which we see and relate to God in our lives.  The old and the new are both crucial to engaging worship and building active faith.

My favorite part of being a pastor is getting to see God at work in the hearts of all, the very young to the very old!  Seeing a child smile as they receive a communion blessing-to hearing stories of God’s amazing work.  We all have so much to share and so much to learn from each other.

All are welcome at Adams Lutheran Church.  If you have questions or want more information about anything related to our congregation, feel free to contact me or anyone from the church.  We look forward to walking together, serving Christ. 

Pastor Jennifer Kuhnert
ph: 262.370.4166